We are delighted to announce some changes to the structure of our business that enhances our service offering to our clients.

As of April 3rd 2017 Neil Meredith joins our board of directors following a recent investment in the company.

Meredith is excited about the opportunity and how it came about “It all started when Danny asked me to join him in a meeting in the US to help on a pitch he was doing. We realised that we had missed working together and that Twenty5eight gave us an opportunity to re establish what we had missed. In recent months, opportunities have been presented to me that I felt were perfect for the Twenty5eight team so it made sense to discuss these with Danny. The upshot of those chats were that I have decided to invest in the business and we are now equal partners which is really exciting”

Having spent the past 4 years running a football and celebrity commercial agency Neil brings experience of social media and digital communications to the group which will only enhance the service offering Twenty5eight has for its  current customers and some new ones soon to be announced.

Danny Coe, Founder of Twenty5eight explains  “For me personally having someone of Neil’s experience on board is significant. His friendship and advice over the past 10 years has been great for me so bringing him in on a formal basis is invaluable. Having the infrastructure we have in place is also very useful for the opportunities that Neil was offered so it makes it all a real win win for everyone”

Coe continues ” Neil brings new clients to the company and Twenty5eight offers his clients some scale opportunities and a support network that we have developed over the last couple of years. We will be adopting a more consultative approach to a lot of the opportunities we have. It’s clear that with our combined experiences we can do so much more for our partners and offering real value add across a number of disciplines”

Neil concludes ” Having owned a service based agency driving value for brands in sport I have been especially impressed by the ethos that Dan has built up within the team. Everyone works by the mantra that 24 / 7 service isn’t always enough so 25 / 8 is the way to work.”

Whilst the business continues to grow its field marketing activities it now offers a wider range of services including digital communications and social media with some exciting campaigns already in the pipeline.