With video consumption continuing to dominate the digital landscape, a Facebook executive has predicted that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021!

What do statistics like this mean for your business in 2020?

Put simply, video adds value and if you’re not using it, you’re likely to get lost in the crowd. A recent study shows that from the second a video advert is watched on social media; the viewer is more likely to recall the brand and consider purchasing products or services featured. They’re also 12 times more likely to share your post compared to standard text and images… move over word of mouth and make way for the all mighty share button!

87% of marketing professionals now include video content as part of their digital marketing strategy, so it’s clear that most people are considering the opportunities that video presents. With growing platforms like TikTok depending solely on short-form video content to connect users, it further highlights the power of moving productions.



So, why do videos work so well?

Easy to consume

When you’ve been typing, tapping and trying to read war and peace from your colleagues since 8 am, it’s a welcome break to see a short, snappy video about that product you’re thinking of treating yourself to.

Touch of a button access

Videos are also quickly transferred from our hands to our heads and hearts thanks to mobile devices. How many times have you ‘mindlessly’ scrolled through social media and 5 minutes later, you’re £50 down because you watched an amazing, inspirational video about a product you didn’t really need? You’re not alone and it’s certainly no accident. More people than ever are consuming content through their mobile phone and marketers are shifting their focus to this, creating Oscar-worthy content to help you love their latest offering.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to just 10% when reading text. People are much more likely to remember a story than facts and figures. Aldi’s marketing department dominated the storytelling video space last year with their iconic Kevin the Carrot adverts. Did it cause more carrot sales? Maybe. Did it cause sales uplift across stores? Definitely. The trials and tribulations of Kevin and co. in video form caused a 15% sales uplift and helped the discounter attract one million new shoppers.



One of the new buzz phrases in marketing is proof and evidence. We have an incredible field team who all diligently read their monthly briefs. However, since we’ve started using video content as supporting material, our results on campaigns have seen significant results. Check out the video below to view engaging content that ensures our team have clear, concise instructions, delivered in a way that we know they love and use.



It’s safe to say that capturing hearts and minds is much easier when you’ve got a good story to tell and a great video production team on hand. Have you got a vision for a video but, not sure where to start? Contact Sophie on Sophie.m@258group.com to see how we can bring your ideas to life and really capture people’s imagination.