Following in the footsteps of television’s digital switchover in 2012, the UK is anticipating the next change: radio entertainment, with analogue platforms due to be switching to digital. When this inevitably takes place, those looking to listen to digital radio without the necessary capabilities will need an adapter – a device that can pick up digital signal.

While the changeover date was initially set to be 2015, our field marketing client, Nextbase, recognises that for the digital switchover to happen, it’s the consumers that need to drive the digital revolution. The digital change-over plan is currently entering ‘phase 2’, meaning that changes are likely to start coming into play next year, and Nextbase is offering two digital devices that will help the UK become DAB ready.

Last week, we hosted a Nextbase training event for the new Nextbase DAB ADAPT products. The training highlighted the features of the device, which include the best reception the market has to offer, easy fitting and competitive pricing. Our field team was educated on how to best train store staff on the benefits of the product and the importance of the point of sale. The Nextbase DAB ADAPT 250 and 350 BT have only been in-store for a short period of time, so one of the field team’s main focuses when on the sale floor is to ensure that the POS is as intended.

POS ultimately helps brands to drive sales. The right design, combined with the correct campaign, can help drive traffic and encourage impulse buys. In a technology department, it is easy, as a customer, to feel overwhelmed by devices that look similar and in a world where many of us are expected to know how technology products work with our eyes closed, customers can often feel too nervous to ask staff for support. Our field team will be making sure that the POS helps to eliminate some of those barriers and gives customers the information on price, key features and fitting that they are looking for.

The point of sale display that Nextbase has created for the new DAB Adapters has been designed  with the customer in mind and the field team understands the importance of reporting back any issues with the fixtures, if spotted. While it is rare, it is not unheard of for parts of POS to go missing, for the fixture to be assembled too late for the promotion or for the POS to be misplaced in-store.

With Nextbase playing such a crucial part in supporting consumers to embrace the switch from analogue to digital, there is a focus on ensuring that the Nextbase ADAPT products are given the attention they deserve in-store through compliant displays and by motivating staff to advocate the product. Following on from the thorough and well-delivered training that we received from Nextbase, with support from our fantastic field team across the UK, we have a strong feeling that, for those fitting the Nextbase DAB Adapters to their cars, the digital switch-over will be a doddle.