The London Motor & Tech Show – May 2019

We always hear about Geneva, Sema and all the other major Motorshows across the globe, but when it comes to the UK, there seems to be something missing. Thankfully, The London Motor & Tech show is changing this.

I remember going to the Motorshow at the NEC as a young spring chicken, but then there never seemed to be anything that replaced it: somewhere local to go and see the amazing new ranges being released, the chance to get up close and personal with that fresh new car smell that we all know and love!

When I heard about this show, I had to check it out. I took the opportunity to attend on Friday 17th May, and I must say it was a great show and, unquestionably, one that is going to get bigger and better as time goes on.

From brand new cars to live action and fun and engaging stands, it had it all. We hear that many brands are choosing to stay away from shows with the rise of social media and online vlogs showcasing new models, but for me…there is nothing better than seeing and experiencing these cars in the flesh; it really is the only way to appreciate the love and passion that goes into bringing these new and innovative creations to the masses. It also presents a great opportunity to interact with brand colleagues, dealerships and converting this to a more localised experience after the event.

The brands that stood out for me were:

Hyundai with the New Tuscon Nline variant, I have always been a fan of the i30N and now to see this translate into an SUV is great to see, I am sure these will be very popular on the road.

Kia with the new face-lifted Sportage and the ProCeed, both great looking cars with amazing tech which offer amazing value for money.

Suzuki Jimny – I WANT ONE…! What a fun looking machine this is and is already in high demand with an incredible waiting list, and I can see why; offered in some bold colours with incredible capabilities and just a fun looking car.

Volvo – The New S60 is beautiful, I am seriously impressed with Volvo design language at the moment, from the XC right to the S, I cannot wait to try the S60 out.

Cupra is one to watch out for, this brand is taking great looking cars and making them look even better, the Ateca looks amazing and no doubt is great to drive too. I have always been a fan of the Cupra brand, so it great to see them going into a new direction from back in the days of the Leon and Ibiza Cupra.

The show also had great representation from tech brands, and it was great to be introduced to some new products. I look forward to learning more about them and was great to meet with new people too.

Another standout for me was listening to Mike Brewer and a panel of speakers talking about the future of EV and the infrastructure to support sales. Hearing about “Range Anxiety” and how consumers are not fully educated on how the tech is evolving. With the average commute being just 30 miles, all current EV’s are fully capable of meeting the range needs. There was a brilliant stand called Electric Avenue that showcased the vehicles that are available, from a SMART to the Award-winning Jaguar i-Pace, really crushing that stigma that EV’s are ugly and limited.

The Live stage was packed with an amazing agenda, but unfortunately, I couldn’t cover it all, you would need a whole day just for this alone, with the great hosts and topics being discussed.

Overall, very impressed with the show, I will most definitely be attending again next year.

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