Once again we headed off to visit clients and colleagues in China this week. We had a number of objectives for the trip which included spending some time looking into how to expand our UK services to our partners in the Chinese market. This entailed spending lots of time in shopping malls and understanding the difference between UK and Chinese shoppers.

Spending some time chatting to the Adidas team in Shenzhen was time very well spent. Watching how consumers like to be approached and taken through a sales encounter was very useful for us. Having spent the last 25 years working with Chinese partners the main thing I have learnt is to always work hard to understand their culture. Our purpose of the educational visits is to take the best from our processes and UK based excellence and use that as a framework for the local market.

Consumer tech here is second only to luxury fashion brands when it comes to consumer spend and shopping priorities. When we spent time with Huawei guys instore, it became very clear that consumers here have done a lot of pre-visit research and want to be educated as to why they should commit to the brand and the model they are being presented. It’s the same as the UK on a fundamental level but, some very subtle local tweaks will be needed for our brand ambassadors.

We were very fortunate to stay in an area of Shenzhen called Shekou which was timely reminder that the whole area of Sea World was ocean less 14 years ago. https://www.arcadis.com/en/global/what-we-do/our-projects/asia/china/shekou-sea-world-plaza


Thousands of people swamped this area looking to spend money and this is another sign of the wealth increase in key areas of China that are creating incredible micro economies. One of the other reasons we stayed here was that our business partner very kindly treated us to VIP tickets to Liam Gallagher who was playing Shenzhen. It felt great to see a truly great Briton doing what they do best here in China and making people happy……we can’t wait to do the same with our teams.