We couldn’t resist doing a blog about the mad event that Neil, our joint MD, did on Sunday. As most people have seen, there are a growing group of crazy runs in the countryside that push people to their limits, all in the name of good causes and Neil and some friends decided that they would give the Wolf Run a try- https://thewolfrun.com

As many of you know, Neil is very quickly approaching his 50th birthday this Christmas, so we’re sure that he thought this event would be a nice gentle plod around a idyllic country park, chatting amongst his pals about football and Brexit. Well, he was massively wrong from all accounts!

Not many words are needed for this blog, as they say a picture paints a thousand words, but the one thing that we know was a huge part of the day was teamwork. The lads helped each other over crazy obstacles, dragged each other through ridiculous mud and freezing cold water that would test even the very best! Over 6,000 runners attended the event and the obvious fundraising from some of the teams was really inspiring. Once again the event reinforced that working together and being part of a team is always better than succeeding on your own.

Our success this year has been totally built around team ethics and having a group of people with the same commitment to giving clients what they want.  That extends to our brilliant field team of Brand Ambassadors, Demonstrators and Merchandisers who have been so incredibly supportive. We really couldn’t do the things that we do without them and we’re really looking forward to working through Christmas with them.