As an agency, we pride ourselves on having some of the top promo talent across the industry as part of our field team and we work hard to ensure that once we’ve attracted people who are passionate about their craft, we keep them on board. In a previous blog, we’ve written that sales is sometimes a profession that is underestimated- So, for us, making sure that our field teams feel valued, understood and are given training opportunities is high on our list of priorities. These are just some of reasons why and how we invest in our team.

  • In our experience, loyal field colleagues create the best experiences for consumers and clients in store. They add value to the campaigns that they work on by championing the brands they represent and go above and beyond to deliver positive interactions in store. We try to connect with our field team on a personal level, so we always work hard to meet with talent face to face and communicate with them daily when they are on a project. This means we can solve problems quickly and recognise and reward achievements. From daily communication to the office team going out for meals with the field team when on training events, we try to build meaningful relationships with the brand ambassadors, demonstrators and auditors that work alongside us because what they think of us matters the most.

  • Whilst there are benefits to being self- employed such as deciding your own working hours and choosing the people you work with; the world of self-employment can present challenges. Income can be varied so, wherever possible, we offer additional benefits such as training and skills development. We want our talent pool to feel that they are gaining something other than payment during campaigns, so that they can secure further opportunities with us and across the promo industry.

  • We are lucky to have a wide variety of campaigns which often call upon different skills from our field colleagues. Many of our field team are incredibly multi-skilled, with backgrounds in the entertainment, technology and travel industry and this valuable experience is something we like to build upon. Getting to know our field teams well and understanding their previous achievements promotes a highly skilled, versatile workforce and investing in training that gives opportunity to polish and further develop pre-existing skills is important for us as an agency.


  • We value our field team and we want them to feel that the support we provide exceeds industry standards. We want our field colleagues to look forward to working alongside us so, by making sure that we are friendly, available at any time if they need support and provide payment on time, we hope that people’s experience with us is positive enough to encourage them to look for further opportunities with us.

Interested in joining the Twenty5Eight Field Team or finding out more about what we do? Get in touch with Sophie on or 01952 288355