Information is power

"Got me what I need when I needed it. Super effective and top guys to do business with."

CE Brand Leader – VP Product Development

"Neil's connections are so useful to us. We have saved so much time in a key market for us. Getting sales has been easy."

Asia Manufacturer – CEO

"Very honest and approachable. We love their ability to get to the nub of the challenge and find a solution."

Asia Manufacturer – Export Director

"We love working with Danny and the team as they feel like part of our family and they get results."

Entertainment Brand – CEO

Consumer Insight


Everyone wants to know what consumers think so they can scope their product or service to meet or drive market needs. Our consumer team have the knack of teasing out the information you need. Whether an organised focus group or audits in a local community shopping area we deliver the information needed in bespoke formatted reports to enable you to make big decisions fully informed.

Channel Analysis


By utilising our researchers you can slice and dice markets and channels to examine how you can maximise your sales efforts. Using thousands of units of data captured from our regular retail and e-commerce work we are able to build unique channel strategy maps designed for you.

Exit Audits


Whether a retailer or a brand if you want to know what consumers thought of their recent shopping experience we have regional and national teams structured to give you quick feedback enabling speedy measurements of new store concepts or product launches.



Everyone loves a freebie but that doesn’t mean you should just waste your money. Our value add sampling team specialise in putting a smile on people’s faces whilst getting your message out to consumers but it shouldn’t stop there. While giving out the freebies, if there is anything that you want to know, we will find out for you.

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