So we hear all the time that the future is all about taking people out of the food chain when getting products to the consumer, and in some cases we would agree with that. However, we are still huge fans of the traditional model of brands supplying retailers via distribution and everyone in the chain working with a common aligned aim.

In April of this year, we reached an agreement with Snakebyte GMBH to consult with them on the best way to address the UK and Irish market. Having had success of our own a couple of times over with 4Gamers, Big Ben Interactive and Exspect, we felt pretty well placed to advise on the retail and digital landscape as we saw it.

Like most sectors, the market had changed but the fundamentals of product, price, service, innovation, availability and trust are still as true now as they ever were.

Our plan focused on talking to the major retailers at a senior level and really understand the needs of them and their buying teams. Once we had this feedback we were able to present a strategic plan back to our client, designed to give them what they were looking for, which was long term sustainable retail and digital presence in a very important market for their future plans.

We are really delighted to announce that we were able to secure listings with a number of key retail partners which include Argos and HMV but, in addition by working very closely with the team at Centresoft we are ranged in Selfridges Store in Oxford Street.

As you can see from the images this is an outstanding showcase opportunity for Snakebyte to be associated with the finest brands on offer in the video games market, so a big shout out to the team at Centresoft for your support on this project and we look forward to a very positive 2018.

We know there is pressure on everyone to justify our positions in the route to market but, this is a great example of brand, agency, distributor and retailer all creating real value to ensure a great execution for all concerned. Our position in all of this is having our all around market insight utilised to make great decisions and creating the most valuable connections for our clients.