Over the last 5 years, the health and wellness sector has seen a huge rise in demand from consumers and as creating a balanced lifestyle becomes increasingly important to millions of people across the globe, the sector is continuing to see massive growth. Health is slowly but, surely finding a way into most consumers shopping experience and many of us are becoming increasingly attracted to products that have health benefits embedded within them.

Twenty 5 Eight Director, Neil Meredith “As a business we are totally committed to the health and wellness market. As a consumer tech specialist agency, it’s a natural sector for us to be involved in as tech is being used to give consumers data at the touch of a button via several digital platforms”

As people’s work and home life have become significantly more demanding, it can prove difficult for many to create a work life balance and, as a result, a part of the health and wellness sector which is proving more popular than ever in consumers quest for stress management are massage chairs, foot spas and other related technology powered wellness products. Over the last few months, we have become increasingly interested and invested in this industry and this week we were lucky enough to have our first, official foray into the space with Homedics. Homedics products are designed to help create a healthy home environment and are the leading innovators in massage technology. They are widely recognised across the world in helping consumers to relax, de-stress and simplify their life- https://www.homedics.co.uk

Over the Christmas period, we will be managing a team of brand ambassadors for the Homedics group within several Debenhams stores across the UK and this week we played host to a great training session based around the products within the Homedics range.

Meredith continues “A large percentage of our work is based in department stores as our clients know we have exceptional BA’s and we understand and appreciate the nuances of department stores staff and consumers alike. It’s all about creating theatre and we know we do that better than anyone”

As always, detailed search and selection of our brand ambassadors was incredibly important for this campaign and we have found a brilliant team who have a range of experience across multiple, relevant industries, ranging from working as brand ambassadors for House of Marley- https://www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk/  (part of the Homedics group) to working as professional beauty therapists. We have a strong feeling that the combination of sales skills and their previous experience will be of great benefit during their time on the campaign.

The training that was delivered by the Homedics team was very interactive and in our experience, when it comes to technology products, face to face, hands on training always has a huge positive impact on our team’s performance in store. Being given the opportunity to use and test the products during a training session proves useful because it gives our brand ambassadors stories and anecdotes that potential customers will be able to relate to. With a range that features a variety of products which are available for use in the home, work or in the car, it was important for our team to fully understand the key features of each individual product and how best to guide a consumer through the sales journey once in store. All the team were also generously given a product each to take home and test in their own time which will ensure that they are familiar with the benefits, features and functions before demonstrating to potential customers.

We’re very excited to be venturing into a new part of the technology industry, as are our teams and we look forward to seeing the results following the campaign.

Our CES schedule is already crammed with meetings with Health and Wellness companies, which is just as well, as 4 days in Vegas is a gruelling schedule, so having a nice footspa and a massage is going to be the order of the day I am sure!