One of our favourite things to do are overseas trips developed by clients. These trips give us the opportunity to spend time with our clients outside of the office and that allows us to talk more strategically about how we can do more together. On these trips we work very hard to understand all the nuances of overseas markets and try and understand how that can help us and our clients back home. We absolutely love learning new ideas from retailers, brands and their agencies overseas, as anything we can glean to give us a competitive edge, we will take it all day long. Last week we had the opportunity to work with a client on how to increase the number of demonstrations per day from brand ambassadors, with the end game obviously being better conversion rates to drive better sales. The million-dollar question on many brand ambassador campaigns is what metric should we use to measure success on demos per day and conversion rates?

Having an in-depth tour of some of Dubai’s finest tech stores coupled with some mystery shopping was very useful indeed. Generally speaking, as a shopping experience it was an enjoyable time. Store staff were very knowledgeable on features and benefits and we were very pleasantly surprised by the number of store staff available, certainly a higher ratio than that in the UK. It seems retailers in Dubai invested in more people than like for like store profiles here in the UK.

Key Learnings:

  • Aggressively targeting in-store retail staff and brand ambassadors on a specific number of demos per hour can, and did, create an air of “pressure selling”. But, giving them a target over the week or campaign allows them to self-manage based on them being able to use their experience and their own style
  • Chatting to store staff, it felt that time and energy had been invested into their knowledge and staff came across very confidently
  • Ensuring the day starts well is an absolute must. Products that need charging should be charged overnight where possible, so that the selling and demonstrations can start when the store opens, not once the product has been charged. Too often we saw demo’s that couldn’t be fulfilled due to unpowered products!
  • Retailers seemed to have deeper stock levels than that seen in the UK
  • More space was given to ancillary accessories and merchandise than in our domestic market
  • I cannot take Danny Coe into a gaming store without him having a go on a console- click the below photo to check him out!

We will continue to broaden our knowledge base to help our UK and Asian clients and this trip was super useful on many levels. Big thanks to all the partners who helped us and congratulations to Dubai’s store teams on doing a great job. We really appreciated your help and looking forward to our next visit already.