The past 7 days have seen the start of celebrity spats that always coincide with pre-launch hype in the build up to the infamous X Factor hitting our screens this Saturday. For most of us, the X Factor is a sure-fire sign that Christmas is closer than we think but, for us at Twenty5Eight it’s IFA and making sure all our clients have their preferred brand ambassadors available for peak period. Now, while there are rumblings that the X Factor line up and format may have changed, the planning for Christmas in the world of Field Marketing stays the same and with one of the busiest retail periods just around the corner, it seems like now is the right time for some useful advice on planning your festive sales campaigns in advance.

We always ask our clients to focus on the Three P’s…


We know that brands work incredibly hard during Q2-3 in selecting products and getting stock out to stores. Our work is the final piece of your jigsaw in making sure that the stock sells through and consumers have a positive experience; which leaves them with a great impression of a brand or product during one of the most competitive times of the year!


Whilst most people are busy booking last minute breaks to more exotic climes during the Summer months, the most talented brand ambassadors and demonstrators are getting booked by brands for Christmas campaigns. It may seem unusual that promo teams are planning their working diaries this far in advance but, big brands understand that the best people will likely be inundated with lots of exciting work over the Christmas period so, securing the right people, for the right roles means being ahead of the game in bringing opportunities to the table! Aside from getting the most talented people, booking in advance generally means that field colleagues will be more committed to your campaign and understand the importance of dedicating themselves to your brand for the duration that they represent you. Time is also an important factor for another reason, it gives teams the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a product and use it in their own time and environment; which allows them to learn what works, what doesn’t and how they can up their game on the sales floor.


Planning in advance helps to set goals, make decisions faster and allows for flexibility. As an agency, getting us involved as early as possible allows us to create the magic you want and need. Giving us as much notice as possible on potential store locations and the key objectives of any campaign allows our operations team to match make your needs with our outstanding database. They can contact stores ahead of time and build a rapport with the retail team, plot the delivery of training and support the field team with any questions that they may have prior to a campaign starting in store. We appreciate that the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail so, by using our campaign checklist below, we can walk you through all the important details that make the difference…  

  • Product selection
  • Store selection
  • Staff selection
  • Staff training
  • Work Brief
  • Delivery of product to staff/store
  • Uniforms
  • Security checks and passes
  • Reporting mechanism

If you’re still considering using brand ambassadors or in store demonstrators over Christmas, our advice is to start planning now! If you would like to know more about how we can help you deliver a great experience in store for consumers over Christmas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today: or 07411 462069