Wow, what a week that was! 11 partner meetings, 4 factory visits, 3 meetings with global brands plus 2 trade shows, all added to an average calorie consumption of around 20,000 per day, we are totally bushed.

Oh and I almost forgot the small matter of us opening our first overseas branch office too!

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Twenty5Eight is now officially represented in China and Hong Kong via our brilliant team.

Jeff Ho and Peter Ho have partnered with us to mirror the services that we offer to our European partners. Field Marketing is seeing a huge increase in demand in the region and now we can offer our Western partners a digital engagement service across ‘We Chat’ and regional specialist platforms. Peter and Jeff have been friends of mine for over 12 years, so I know that they have the necessary skills and connections to deliver what our clients need. As a consultancy service it’s imperative that all our teams have the right attitude and expertise to give clients the added value that we promise.

With years of high end manufacturing, sales, distribution and licensing experience between them, we are feeling very lucky to have agreed the true partnership we have reached and everyone in the UK welcomes them to the growing Twenty5Eight family.

One of the most exciting new services we can offer our European partners across distribution and retail is a product design and development service across several categories. ‘Power’, ‘Protection’ and ‘Audio’ are categories where we have an abundance of high level design options available.

So, with this new partnership in mind, who are we now relevant to?

  • Are you a distributor or retailer looking for the next best thing to compete?
  • Are you a brand owner who wants to grow sales with someone you can trust in South East Asia?
  • Are you a brand owner that needs to create some theatre in retail or run experiential campaigns to engage consumers?
  • Are you a brand owner who wants to tell your story to the Chinese community using digital platforms?
  • Are you a factory owner that needs to develop its European business with major brands but, need local management in Asia to work with?
  • Are you a brand owner who would love to develop a licensing strategy across Asia?

After all this work was done, we needed to wait 15 mins for a cab before heading back to the UK. Waiting for a cab in Hong Kong doesn’t usually happen, so the concierge at the hotel called one for us… Check out the number plate of the cab that turned up!

What are the chances of that? Well actually, due to there being 18,136 cabs in Hong Kong, all with 3-digit combos on the number plates, the chances of us getting a taxi with the 258 number plate were 1 in 32 million! We couldn’t help but feel that this little moment was a sign and fate’s way of telling us that we were always meant to do this.

We are so excited about helping our clients enjoy the ride with us.