In so many board rooms over the years I have heard this phrase “forget all that fluffy stuff, it’s all about the numbers!” We all know the fluffy stuff being referred to is the softer side of business such as marketing, people and strategy but, it inevitably all gets pulled back to a suite of reports; cash flow, P&L or a balance sheet.

Me and Dan think we are pretty well balanced but, we know we are suckers for the softer side of our business. We love helping clients, even if it costs us money. We love making sure our people are motivated and happy, even if it takes time and we are massive suckers for strategy, especially when it revolves around planning sessions in the pub, so sometimes we have to discipline ourselves to dig into the numbers fully.

Our monthly and quarterly financials are a dream to manage; we push a button, place the info into a cloud and our accountants work it all through. This is usually followed by a big sigh of relief and an ever bigger high five before moving on to the next financial period.

However, in a recent client meeting we were pleasantly told “Lads, seriously, forget all that fluffy stuff, what about them numbers!” We were reporting back on our insight data from a recent campaign in preparation for the Christmas run in and when we analysed the impact that we had on the client’s sales (which was a 56% sales increase, like for like), we completely missed the turnover value we had created in retail. We like to think humility is one of our better characteristics but, wow, did we miss an opportunity to crow about our performance!

£434,897 of retail sales have been created by our brand ambassadors off the back of a £78,000 investment from the client. Talk about ROI!

So, guess what we did next? What does any vain sales person do? Yes, you get the calculator out and you tot up what we have done this year. From January 2017 to the end of November 2017, we have helped generate and activate over £23m at retail. Whether that be helping manufacturers gain distribution in retail or driving digital or retail sales, we have smashed it this year.

We are so proud that a small bunch of committed and enthusiastic tech specialists have sold just under 1,000,000 units of some of the biggest brands in the world that generated just over £23m at retail.

To our clients we want to say a huge thank you for trusting us with your brands and your business objectives.

To our field team we want to say, “you smashed it!” and we couldn’t have done it without you.

To our accountants in the cloud, we want to say make sure that you are in work between Xmas and the New Year as it looks like December’s mid-month report is saying we will be doing over £2,000,000 of sales for clients which means that little old Twenty5Eight is on course to being responsible for driving £25,000,000 of sales at retail for our very valued partners.